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I think modelling and texturing are related.  If you have a sweet model then you must do, and you can do, a sweet texturing too - it is all about applying your art to it!  And the connection between these two guys is to have a good UVW layout.  So, for the UVW I used Submaterial IDs and UVW Groups to make it more organised, with no stretching, and I concentrated on doing the UV seams in the right places.  So, I used the normal pelt of 3ds Max and Deep UV to relax the UVs.  Here're some examples:

Before I start texturing something - or in the middle of the modelling stage - I always create a simple light rig, just to see how the model comes out with light and to check if the mesh is OK in order to go forwards with texturing and lighting. Here I used Brazil RS with no GI generation.

For the texturing and shading I used Normal Maps, Cavity Maps (from ZBrush and Poly Boost, in some cases, to mix with Photoshop with Diffuse Color Maps) Diffuse Maps, Specular Maps, Bump Map, and in the case of skin an SSS Intesity Map (generated with Poly Boost and then re-painted by hand in Photoshop), plus some alphas painted in Photoshop, ZBrush and Bodypaint to use as "mixer maps" in order to mix the textures and shaders in 3ds Max.  The dimensions of the maps go to 0.5K to 3K, to avoid high memory usage.  For a database of textures I used the Internet and some textures from my personal database, a.k.a. "Photographic Machine"; it's always good to have one in your pocket as everyday you'll find something new! Here are some maps:



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