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The pants were simple (Fig.13). In my references, the pants of the aviator were just fabric and seams. The baking of the mesh allowed me to give a degraded feel. I was not decided on the color of the pants at this point. As you can see in Fig.13, I tried out different color passes before I found that worked - a classical color, but also one that fitted with the color of the jacket.

Fig. 13


The lighting was very simple (Fig.14). I used two principal V-Ray lights, one in front and one to the right, and a rim light to the left. I added another light on top to create dense shadows and the same for the back of the character. I also added two spots to create the specular of the eyes, with an exclude. The shadows are in normal resolution, with no particular option selected.

Fig. 14

Render / Compositing

I used V-Ray for the render, but it was very simple. I just added more antialiasing, activated the GI and the result was very convincing. I rendered some passes for the compositing Fig.15: a pass of GI, Occlusion, Lighting, Shadows, Specular and a cache for works the background. The beauty pass was the final pass and I used it in the compositing stage to add more details.

Fig. 15

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(ID: 206520, pid: 0) Rachid on Wed, 10 July 2013 9:42pm
hello how to create base , base baking , colr corection ..etc Please
(ID: 203452, pid: 0) Jak on Fri, 21 June 2013 3:17am
Hi Do you have a site (show)? Thanks
(ID: 113736, pid: 0) MimingApe on Thu, 03 May 2012 1:43pm
Really nice. This is one of the projects I want to work next, I want to make a character like this. I use Blender 3D for the most part and have made some already, but would like to go into many details like you did here. Thank you for the Tutorial.
(ID: 28668, pid: 0) Vrayx on Sat, 04 December 2010 6:01pm
Hey I have a question. is there anyway I can learn more about baking materials?
(ID: 27266, pid: 0) Fauzi on Sun, 14 November 2010 10:54am
Hi, i'have question about 3ds max. How to create expression face without modifier morpher but with material morpher. I have view references pictures, you can see in this link: ( if you have many tutorial about that, can you share to me,cause i want learn with this concept about create 3d character with 2d face. thank's before
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