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Motivations and Objectives

This character was originally created for a BioWare and CGHub contest. The main idea was to create an original character for the Mass Effect or Dragon Age universes. I finally chose Mass Effect because it was really challenging for me.

I tend to gather some references before every project, usually from the internet or art books. In the beginning I was thinking about creating something related to the Asari race, but there wasn't much of a creative process to it and so I decided to develop my own concept.

Looking for some background, I read some stuff about a race called the Oravores, and when I saw there wasn't any visual development of this race from BioWare, I decided to go straight for it. Also, the Oravores were involved with the Asari kind, so it wasn't that far from my original idea. Reading some more, I found out that the Asari and Oravores had a war, so I started to imagine how the Oravores were influenced by the Asari, and what they would look like.

For this tutorial I'm going to try to make a step-by-step guide covering what I did to create my final character. It's a very large process, so I can't go into as much detail as I would wish, but I'll respond to any doubts you guys have by email.

Here are the areas I'll be covering:

1. Concept art
2. Basic anatomy
3. Sketching in ZBrush
4. Creating the armor in Max
5. UVs in 3ds Max
6. Textures in Photoshop and ZBrush
7. Materials
8. Rendering in 3ds Max
9. Compositing in Photoshop
10. Conclusion

Concept Art

I always start my characters based on references. It's absolutely necessary for me to get the whole idea into a canvas, so everything comes together. My first concept for the Oravore was supposed to be an officer or a war veteran, but the whole thing wasn't very convincing. I wanted something different, something wilder, so I did a second concept (Fig.01). It was close enough to the feeling that I was looking for. With the overall mood, I had enough material to jump into a ZBrush sketch.


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