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Map channel 2 - Side decorations / diamonds' gradient

This is where this technique really takes advantage of its potential. When preparing the mask, I had to make sure that it is seamlessly tileable horizontally and that I have enough "empty black space" to work with the UV's. I went through every armour part and added an Unwrap modifier and set its channel to 2. First step is to scale down all the UV's to a really small chunk and put them on the side on an "empty black space", then select a few polygons on the side of the model through the unwrap, hit planner mapping and organize the UV's while seeing in the viewport how the side decorations fit the model. This process is repeated with every few polygon chunks from the corners of the model and then I weld them all into one long "UV line". The great thing about doing it this way is that I can really easily manipulate the side decorations to grow or shrink with the model's flow and get the feedback in the viewport in real time (Fig.19).

Fig. 19

In this tutorial I am focusing on the shading of the armour's metal material, but I just wanted to mention here that I've also used the same map channel 2 unwrap for the diamonds - in the diamonds' material I've placed a radial gradient map in the "extra light" slot to give them extra subtle depth. I went through every object that had diamonds in it and in the same map channel 2 unwrap modifier that was already there, I've selected the diamonds UV's and manipulated them around one of the tiles of the gradient (and not necessarily in the centre of the UV's to avoid cluttering) (Fig.20).

Fig. 20

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(ID: 137975, pid: 0) Taylor on Thu, 02 August 2012 8:53pm
I am trying to make an armor mod for a game and am looking around for ideas and tutorials. This is alot to take in for a noob, but your result is beautiful!
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