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The making of 'Kroenen'

By Sergey Romanenko
Web: Open Site
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Date Added: 27th June 2014
Software used:
3ds Max, ZBrush

Total Commander

Then I used Total Commander to find the xnormal.exe and pressed Ctrl+Shift+Enter: the file added to the command prompt below the Total Commander window. I repeated the same process with each of the 59 XML xNormal settings files, which also added to the command prompt. Next, I put the cursor into the end of the prompt, pressed Enter, and voila! xNormal baked all the selected pairs and saved the textures in the selected paths!

Adding command prompts in Total Commander to make baking maps easier

Texturing maps

Next, in Photoshop, I gathered all the required textures within the one texture atlas they belonged to, using the File > Scripts > Load Files into the Stack function. Therefore, if I needed all the head textures (which included the textures for hat, visor, breath pipe and the head itself) I selected these textures using the script and loaded them into one document as different layers, and, since I bake into PNG, I didn't have to get rid of the background – all I had to do was merge all the layers, and the texture was ready! By the way, I also used the cavity texture, which I got from the normal with the nDo2.

The normal map and wire frame


This is my favorite part. My main reference with texturing was the DOTA 2 Character Color texture Guide with slight modifications. First, I built the layers and folders hierarchy in order (bottom to top), working through color, textures, AO, FX, light, correct and helpers. To clarify:

COLOR – contains the layers created with the Solid Color, allowing me to change their color anytime
TEXTURES – material textures (metal, skin, fabric, scratches)
AO – the ambient occlusion maps, added with the Multiply setting
FX – contains the detail maps, cavity and curvature, blended with the Overlay
LIGHT – a diffusive texture requires light for an additional volume. I used the light from the Green channel of the Objectspace. The folder Blending type is set to Soft Light, the contained textures are set to Screen, and, if the light is too dim, I can fill the top layer of this folder with gray color with R90 G90 B90 screen settings, and, varying the alpha, I can get rid of the excessive darkness
CORRECT – I created 3 layers in this folder: Overlay, Multiply and Color, and then I used them to add light, shadow, or correct the color
HELPERS – contains the scanning and the color selection mask

Of course, I could have added some more scratches, dirt and damage, but the contest rules demanded that I present the character in the brand new, shiny armor, and so I did.

That's how I do my diffusive texture; the specular map is much simpler to do, provided that I base it on the diffusive, removing AO, light, and correct folders. I added an extra contrast using the curvature maps, stacking them as much as needed to receive the required effect. The blending type was Overlay.

This is how the adjustments appear

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Thank you very much ! It's really helpful !
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Superb work man!!!
(ID: 283745, pid: 0) Renderfiend on Sat, 28 June 2014 5:15am
Excellent work man... thanks for showing us how you created this!
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