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Create a Game Character: Jouster - part 2

By Adam Fisher
Web: Open Site
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Date Added: 13th August 2013
Software used:
Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, Misc

Step 5: Perfect the eyes

Using the Clay brush, block in the brows and carve out an area for the eyes. Select SubTool > Append > Sphere3d to append a sphere. Use Deformation > Size (making sure X, Y and Z are highlighted) to rescale the eye to fit into the eye cavity. Use the Move Transpose tool (M) to position the eye into place.

Using the Clay brush, build up the surfaces to create the upper and lower eyelids. Use the Move brush to shape the eye lids. To mirror the eye to the other side, select Zplugin > SubTool Master > Mirror, check Merge into one SubTool and click OK.

Use the DamStandard brush to define the upper eyelid crease. Create the area of the tissue that sits above the upper lid by masking off the upper lid, and use the Inflate and Clay brushes to build up that area.


Step 6: Some quick PolyPainting

Once I've got the eyes in place, I like to spend a couple of minutes and block in some PolyPaint on the eyes. The PolyPaint is nowhere near the final textures, but it's a quick way to help visualize the look of the eyes.

To start, select Mrgb, choose a base color for the sclera and a MatCap for the eye (I like to use one of the Zbro's eye MatCaps from With the eyes SubTool selected, go to Color > FillObject to fill the eye with the chosen color and MatCap.

To paint the iris, select the Standard brush, turn on RGB and turn off ZAdd. Start with a darker color first and work your way in towards to the pupil, varying the color. Try adding a lighter color in the lower hemisphere and a darker color in the upper hemisphere to fake the concave shape of the iris.


Step 7: Finalize the face

Although the ears won't be seen under the helmet, I've quickly sculpted them. They'll be a good reference point when creating the helmet later on.

When the facial features have been sculpted, it's a good time to start adding some details and do any further proportion changes. For this character I decide to shorten the face and move the eyes down slightly to get a closer feel to the concept.

For this character, we'll keep the details to a minimum. Use the DamStandard to add some lines to the lips. Alternate between ZAdd and ZSub (Alt) to add variance to the surface and smooth it back slightly if needed. For the eyebrows, use the DamStandard brush to sculpt a few follicle clumps, following the directionality of hair. Once the head is complete, we can move on to the armor.


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