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Making Of 'Dali'

By Miriam Eithne Bonetti
Web: Open Site
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Date Added: 11th February 2013
Software used:
Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush

I combed the eyebrows using the Groom Hair Short brush, and I also used the Groom Lengthen brush at some points to achieve a more uneven look. Once satisfied with the overall look I started to sculpt skin pores and imperfections using the Standard brush and some alphas textures (in particular I used Antropus alphas, which always I find very useful for my needs)(Fig.08).


The hairs took some time to be made. I tried to figure out a good workflow before I started. I set a medium length and, starting from the nape, I stratified many rows from the bottom upwards, combing them with the Groom Hair Long brush (Fig.09). Here's the look I obtained (Fig.10).



I quickly refined the clothes and fabric patterns. To do this, I simply mapped a tileable pattern on my clothes UVs, and after masking by intensity, I used the Inflat tool, with a small positive value to sculpt it (the Inflat tool is located in the Deformation panel). On the jacket I made a pinstripe effect using the Alpha 60 from ZBrush plugged into a Standard brush with Lazy Mouse on.

Once I finished the model I painted it with polypaint. I didn't used photos to texture the face, only a Standard brush with the Spray feature.

I assigned some different materials, in the following order (Fig.11):

• A basic material 2 with a high specular for the hairs, moustache and eyebrows
• A basic material with a low specular for the clothes
• The matcap metal 01 for the tie to give it a satin effect
• A quadshader (composed of a basic material, a Fresnel Overlay to simulate the scatter effect and a basic material 2 to control the specular separately) for his skin.


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(ID: 181740, pid: 0) Lewis on Fri, 15 February 2013 1:51am
This is really incredible and inspiring. I like how you captured that "silly" personality.
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