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How to Stylize and Model 'Toon Humans - Chapter 2: Posing and Texturing

By Jose Alves da Silva
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Date Added: 31st January 2013
Software used:
3ds Max, ZBrush

UV Master 5

We will repeat the procedure (minus exporting to 3ds Max) to texture the trousers and one boot.

- Select the trousers subtool.
- In UV Master choose Work on Clone
- Choose Enable Control Painting and paint the attraction areas on the back of the trousers and interior of the legs. Protect the remaining areas, as in Fig.06.
- In the UV Master disable Symmetry and Unwrap. Copy the UVs from the clone and Paste the UVs to the original subtool.


UV Master 6

- Select the right boot
- In UV Master choose Work on Clone.
- Disable Symmetry and enable the polygroups, in order to split the boot in its different parts in the UV coordinates.
- Unwrap. Copy UVs from the clone and paste them to the original subtool (Fig.07).
We will not map the other boot as we will clone the final object in 3ds Max to create the left boot.


Polypaint 1

We will now initiate the painting of the skin. As we will use polypaint, the color information is stored in the vertexes of the geometry. This means that the denser the mesh, the higher the detail of the polypaint. I have increased the total subdivisions to 7 (which resulted in 6.6 million polygons, in my case). To achieve a realistic skin we will paint the skin in layers, using a noisy airbrush to achieve the variation of color that we are used to seeing in the skin.

- Select the upper body subtool.
- Choose the Standard brush.
- In the top menu disable the Zadd button and enable the RGB button (Fig.08).
- Choose the Spray stroke and in the Stroke menu change the Color slider to 0.1, so that there is less color variation.
- Choose the Alpha "Alpha07".
- In the color picker, choose a red color.
- In the Color menu choose FillObject. The object is now completely red.


We will be painting what is happening under the skin, so it is important to represent the areas with cool and warm colors as well as the veins that can be seen through the skin.

- Choose different tones of yellow and orange and paint the surface randomly to create a noisy base on top of the red color.
- Change the brush size to achieve differentsizes of noise.

Polypaint 2

- After creating this base, choose a blueish gray and, using the same brush, paint the areas where hair grows from with more density: the scalp and the beard.
- Also paint under the eyes with a cold color.
- Change the color to a reddish pink and paint the ears, inside of the eyes, the cheeks, the lips and the tips of the fingers. These are the typical red areas (Fig.09).
- Change the brush Stroke back to Dots and disable the Alpha.
- Choose a blueish gray and paint the veins underneath the skin. Don't be too shy with this, make them clearly visible. Remember that we are painting what is going on underneath the skin.


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