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Stylizing Toons: Chapter 1 - Concept and Modeling

By Jose Alves da Silva
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Date Added: 3rd February 2012
Software used:
3ds Max

Legs 7 (Fig.27)

Fig. 27

-Press F3 again to go back to shaded mode.
-Keep the Orthographic view from the Right.
-With a window selection pick the vertexes and shape the thigh, knee and leg (like figure).
-Change the view to Front.
-Shape the thigh and leg from the front (like figure).

Legs 8 (Fig.28)

Fig. 28

-Select the lower vertexes of the leg.
-Rotate the selection, in order to prepare for the extrusion of the feet.
-Select the faces of the section and extrude the feet.
-Choose the Right viewport and move the section up.

Legs 9 (Fig.29)

Fig. 29

-With the section still selected rotate it in order to be vertical.
-Scale the section non uniformly along the world Z axis until all the edges are parallel.
-Extrude the section once again.

Legs 10 (Fig.30)

Fig. 30

-Shape the vertexes at the tip of the foot in order to make it wider and flatter.
-Connect the edges of the wider face at the tip of the foot using the Connect dialog box.
-Use 2 connecting segments and a pinch value of 30.
-Select the edges marked on the figure and pick the Remove option from "Edit Edges", this will allow us to extrude the 3 fingers simultaneously.

Legs 11 (Fig.31)

Fig. 31

-Select the 3 polygons from which we will extrude the fingers.
-Use the Extrude dialog box from "Edit Polygons", make sure that the Extrusion Type is "By Polygon". Use an extrusion value of about 0.13m.
-Select each polygon at the finger tip and spread them apart.

Legs 12 (Fig.32)

Fig. 32

-Create 2 edge loops along the fingers.
-Create an extra edge loop at the ankle
-Recreate the edges we had removed before.
-With one of these new edges selected, use the Ring option, followed by Connect. This will create a new edge loop that will split the fingers horizontally.

Legs 13 (Fig.33)

Fig. 33

-Start shaping the vertexes of the foot in order to make the fingers rounder. You can try to make the final position in your model resemble the figure, but it is not mandatory, everything will be reshaped in ZBrush later. I have presented different points of view so that you can follow it better. It is also helpful to momentarily disable the symmetry modifier so that you have a clearer view of the inner side of the foot. Don't forget to use the Edge Constraint (under Edit Geometry>Constraints>Edge) if you wish to move vertexes along the edges.

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(ID: 127009, pid: 0) Mario Luz on Thu, 21 June 2012 10:36am
Fantastic tutorial, i really can follow step by step and see the results. many thanks ( Obrigado Jose Silva, abrado do Porto)
(ID: 85446, pid: 0) Joicy on Fri, 10 February 2012 2:25am
this is a very cheap and good renderfarm ,you can follow the link bellow ( to see the details, hope you will like it.
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