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iClone 6 Robot Restoration

By John C Martin II - 3D Artist & Reallusion VP

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Date Added: 4th March 2015
Software used:

Create and render a 3D scene with Reallusion's iClone 6 utilizing the newly integrated Allegorithmic Substance, Soft Cloth Physics and Indigo Render

Download a free 30-day trial of iClone Pro to follow along with this tutorial.


Reallusion iClone 6 enables users to create 3D scenes in real time, complete with lighting, cameras and new tools to render commercial-quality 3D art. In this project, 'Robot Restoration', I've created and rendered a scene that demonstrates the result of using iClone 6, Allegorithmic Substance Designer and Indigo RT Renderer.

Reallusion has carved a complete path for 3D artists to easily create scenes that incorporate Substances and render like a pro with Indigo directly from iClone 6. Learn how to use the rapid development tools inside iClone 6 to quickly compose scenes in real-time, add and edit multi-layer material Substances, and instantly send everything readied to render by iClone 6 to the physically-based renderer, Indigo.

This tutorial will cover how to:
1. Import models
2. Compose a 3D scene: place models, lights and camera
3. Apply and edit substances: .sbsar, Substance 200 and Substance Designer
4. PhysX physics: soft-cloth
5. Auto-convert and apply Indigo shaders
6. Render a scene in Indigo


Step 1: Importing 3D models

The 3D models for this project were imported using Reallusion's 3DXchange 5, which gives artists a way to easily import their 3D files or animations for use in iClone 6. Imported models in this project are mixed with some of Reallusion's 3D models from their marketplace to generate the full assortment of assets for my project. I can easily import 3D files from FBX, OBJ, SKP or 3DS formats with the ability to smooth models and support materials. I can also size models to the desired scale and then export to iClone for use in real-time scene composition.


Step 2: Real-time 3D scene composition

iClone 6 3D models and scene assets are stored in the Content folder, where imported files are kept inside a Custom folder. Reallusion content packs are stored as Templates and sorted by content type, such as: Characters, Props, Terrain, Trees, Skies and Lights. 3D models from any Content folder are applied to the scene by drag-and-drop to place the model into position, or by double-clicking the file to place the model at 0,0,0 xyz coordinates. Objects can be transformed, rotated, or scaled, and their properties can be edited in the Modify Panel including physics and materials.


Above is a shot of my scene setup in iClone 6, where real-time scene composition lets me quickly place my models, assign materials, set my lighting, and position my cameras.

To learn the basics of iClone 6, check out this tutorial to get familiar with the UI:

Step 3: Applying and editing Substance materials

Substances are multi-layered materials that can be applied to 3D models and edited via the integrated Substance slider bars to alter the look of each material layer. For example, in this project I
began with a 3D model of my robot toy that looked as if it were a new toy, but the idea was to make that robot look like an antique that had seen lots of play. I imagined that the person restoring
the robot wanted to give it a completely new look with fresh paint.

To achieve the antique effect of the robot I used a Substance that layered paint over wood and gave many parameters in the Modify panel to edit the Substance material with enough patina (a thin, green layer of copper) to add 20 years of age and rough-play to my robot.

The multi-layered Substance used in this scene comes with iClone 6. Substances are highly tweak-able inside iClone 6, where Reallusion has made over 200 Substances available via the Substance 200 content pack add-on.


The workbench, brick wall and mat under the robot are also all Substances. It's also possible to utilize Substance Designer from Allegorithmic to create Substance (.sbsar) files for use in iClone 6.



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