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Converting a Standard Camera to a VRay Camera

By VRay Guide
Web: Open Site
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Date Added: 1st February 2012
Software used:
3ds Max, V-Ray
Here is another cool tip about converting a standard 3ds Max camera to a VRayPhysCam.



Video © VRay Art Ltd

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
(ID: 329714, pid: 0) TIMONKIN on Mon, 09 March 2015 7:38pm
thank you for the great video for v ray camara
(ID: 251830, pid: 0) BurrowsTD on Thu, 13 February 2014 10:36am
So this is not actually a video about converting cameras, but a video on how to use a script written by someone else to convert cameras. Unless I have missed something here, this has not been very helpful. I also noticed that converting one of the cameras made a change to the FOV or Focal length. How does that match the existing camera? I do not want to cause offence, but the title of trhe video is misleading.
(ID: 232434, pid: 0) Dafni on Fri, 08 November 2013 7:57pm
COOL! thanks!
(ID: 195892, pid: 0) Visitor on Sun, 05 May 2013 11:16am
Hi Alex, Cool...really really helpful.Thank you so much.
(ID: 122455, pid: 0) Shiva on Mon, 04 June 2012 11:59am
I am not rich person so please help me and told me how to I can learn 3dmax. thank you
(ID: 101060, pid: 0) David on Sat, 07 April 2012 6:33am
Thanks a lot))) Very helpfull information)))
(ID: 98039, pid: 0) Matteo Migliorini on Mon, 26 March 2012 2:44pm
Hi, Thank you for your tip, but I have only a question... Can I convert Physical Camera to Standard Camera? Lele's scripts can be do only Standard->Physical and create the Physical from View, if I have a Physical and I'll convert to Standard for rendering with krakatoa How can I do it? Thankx again Matteo
(ID: 84045, pid: 0) BenGoble on Sat, 04 February 2012 10:16am
You could alternatively use Lela's Scripts for free from Scriptspot:
(ID: 83944, pid: 0) Paul Wesley on Fri, 03 February 2012 8:53pm
That's very helpful. Thanks for the tutorial. Must try it out and see how it works. I would normally align the pivots of the camera and the target to the 3ds Max cam, but this one would save some hassle. Cheers
(ID: 83898, pid: 0) Chugo Cueva on Fri, 03 February 2012 5:10pm
Thank you very much amigo...
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