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Part #1 - Procedural Stone Modeling

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up a modeling rig on a sphere object, in order to make it look like a stone. This technique delivers a very believable result and is absolutely non-destructive. Once set up, you can easily modify the results by changing the mapping offsets in the first "cellular" displacement map.

239_tid_image_01.jpg 239_tid_image_02.jpg

239_tid_image_03.jpg 239_tid_image_04.jpg

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
(ID: 308603, pid: 0) Nauman Danish on Wed, 12 November 2014 6:50pm
anyone plz help me making the stone model in creator software....i am beginner
(ID: 270590, pid: 0) Anura on Fri, 25 April 2014 1:46pm
If your box is too big you won't notice any changes. Just scale it done and you should be fine. =)
(ID: 172058, pid: 0) User on Mon, 17 December 2012 3:42am
dude cant you just make a video while talking? instead of talking after u make the tut? and please dont ever use vimeo... cant skip to certain parts..
(ID: 56021, pid: 0) Jody on Tue, 01 November 2011 6:30pm
ok I seen my Comment (ID: 55439, pid: 0). But I have not recieved any answers to my Question ...I am still waiting .. Thanks so much ...Jody
(ID: 55439, pid: 0) Jody on Sun, 30 October 2011 4:24pm
Good morning ...I made a rock and I was very I am sad .. when I exported it to show a friend he said it was just a ball with textures, so I looked for myself and he was right ..whats going on ...Help PS the rocks look awesome thanks so much
(ID: 45997, pid: 0) Rigel on Sun, 10 July 2011 4:41am
after ive played around with the settings and changed the displace strength to 1.3 and mapping to spherical nothing happens. the boulder is still spherical. what am i doing wrong?
(ID: 42406, pid: 0) Aftab Buddin on Wed, 11 May 2011 7:24pm
i want to edit game file in 3ds max 6
(ID: 42199, pid: 0) Marfil on Mon, 09 May 2011 10:53am
excellent tutorial! may i suggest to add subtitle for the viewers will more understand and follow the steps of tutorial. thanks.. keep it up!!
(ID: 42155, pid: 0) Dawid on Sun, 08 May 2011 1:54pm
Fantastic tutorials, I love'em! keep up the good work
(ID: 36799, pid: 0) Xiaoxiaoanan on Sat, 26 February 2011 4:30pm
Hello, I want to ask why I do not see the monitor It shows program can not display a web page I want to ask you want to play the video is need what plugin or player Hope you can bring your reply by E-mail to say thank you
(ID: 26361, pid: 0) Marco Patriota on Wed, 03 November 2010 6:41pm
Hi!Im following your instructions but when you say to drag and drop "Map #1 (Cellular)" as instance in a empty slot of the material editor comes my doubt. After drag and drop in the slot, appears two slots instead the slot Ive already droped with "Map #1 (Cellular)". What did you do? Sorry my question, but I didnt understand this step. Thanks! Marco Patriota
(ID: 25149, pid: 0) Woosang on Tue, 19 October 2010 4:58pm
Pretty Awesome.
(ID: 24151, pid: 0) Bjarmi on Wed, 06 October 2010 12:12pm
Great tutorial, and I tested it with mr Proxy scattering works just great.. Rendered out 200, 1.2 million polygon rocks :D
(ID: 24142, pid: 0) Colt3d on Wed, 06 October 2010 8:49am
Very educative ! im looking forward for the real time stone version with your technique , does that video exist already? thanks in advance
(ID: 24128, pid: 0) Wongyolee on Wed, 06 October 2010 3:03am
cool It can be help to me~ ^^ thanks tutorial
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