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Making Of 'Haohmaru'

By Victor Hugo Sousa
Web: Open Site
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Date Added: 5th February 2014
Software used:
3ds Max, Photoshop, ZBrush


For the clothes I used Marvelous Designer 2 and divided it into 3 meshes; the upper kimono, lower kimono and his pants. I then exported them to ZBrush and used ZRemesher with default settings to get a nice topology.

Importing and assembling the meshes

Using Marvelous Designer 2 to create 3 meshes


All my textures were done in MARI, using photos and creating tileable textures as bases for the clothes, bandages and body. I also used some dirt maps as multiply to create the used/old appearance.

I unwrapped my entire model using UVLayout for seams (you can use any software you prefer) and then I imported it into ZBrush and used UVMaster with Using Existing Seams option enabled. This is the fastest way that I’ve found for unwrapping and with a better result.

Unwrapping and creating textures

Light and render passes

For the lighting I used a studio setup and placed the light using the realistic viewport in 3ds Max (very handy!) I used V-Ray with an HDR image for reflections. I also rendered Specular and Reflections from Render Elements and an Occlusion pass.

Creating the lighting using the realistic viewport


I always test which passes I will need for the final composition. In this case I rendered 3 passes – the Beauty pass, Occlusion pass (using V-Ray dirt) and Specular pass from Render Elements and rendered them in TIF 16-bits 300-dpi with a matte background with no Alpha contribution, so I could use it to make my masks.

Testing and using the passes of the scene

Blending passes

In Photoshop, I blended all the passes, did some color corrections and got 2 images for the background.

Setting up the scene


I hope you guys like it and that this help you with your projects. Thanks so much for the support of my wife and friends and thanks a lot to 3dtotal, you guys have been very kind to me.

The final image…

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
(ID: 278870, pid: 0) Slovik on Wed, 04 June 2014 11:04am
how did you create the tied clothes like that? i'm learning marvelous designer too
(ID: 257247, pid: 0) VictorHD on Sun, 09 March 2014 5:11am
Hey Paul, thanks a lot buddy =)
(ID: 249845, pid: 0) Paul on Thu, 06 February 2014 7:25am
Great tut Victor, well done!!
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