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Making Of 'Mondrian-inspired hotel room'

By Rakan Jandali

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Date Added: 27th November 2013
Software used:
3ds Max

The window frames and the TV unit were inspired by Mondrian lines too and modeled using the same method mentioned above.
The furniture in the room, particularly the sofa and armchairs, were taken from the Model + Model Vol.7 Library and the bed model was taken from The G Spot by Ramon Zancanaro (the Making Of this image can be found on 3DTotal). I wanted to use this bed in particular so as to break the boxy, square look of the room.

The coffee table and the rest of the accessories were simply modeled in 3ds Max using a low poly modeling method with basic primitives; it was pretty simple and straight forward. I always like to model all the furniture in separate files, and then merge them into the main 3ds Max file.

For the timber flooring I used a Floor Generator script with the settings shown in Fig.04.


After that I converted the floor object to an editable poly and started moving some timber planks up and down randomly to give it a more realistic look. You can also do this using the Tilt section in the Floor Generator script.

The feature wall was created as a series of boxes moving in and out, with a two-tone timber finish and lighting effect. It was modeled using editable polys and by chamfering the edges. I just added a V-Ray light material to the sides that pop out to give it a more textured look.

Camera Settings

For this scene, I used a V-Ray physical camera with the following settings:

Film Gate: 40
Focal Length: 20
F-Number: 8
White Balance: Neutral
Shutter Speed: 15
Film Speed: 150
Exposure, Vignetting and Depth of Field: On

Render Settings

The render settings were pretty simple. I spent so much time experimenting with the different settings Id seen on other Making Ofs, that I was able to get a good idea of how to change my own to fit my render machine quickly and easily. Fig.05 demonstrates my final render settings.



Again, lighting the scene was pretty straight forward and I only used a couple of V-Ray lights and a V-Ray sun. The two main V-Ray lights by the window were made with a Skylight Portal, and the other lights were normal V-Ray lights with a warm color tone.

I always start with a grayscale render before I start adding any textures to the scene as it helps to get the right lighting setup.

Fig.06 07 show my lighting setup.



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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
(ID: 319910, pid: 0) Muneer on Wed, 14 January 2015 11:18am
Thanks Dear Nice work i like it keep it up
(ID: 254107, pid: 0) Joao Garcia on Fri, 21 February 2014 6:09pm
Nice Work! ;)
(ID: 239280, pid: 0) Sky on Sun, 15 December 2013 3:12am
I am a fan of 3 ds Max, two years in the industry already a long time, hope I can and everybody study together, thank you.
(ID: 237130, pid: 0) Cesar Gomez on Mon, 02 December 2013 6:22pm
Great work! Good texture and lighting. Can you share your vray settings for render? a making of maybe. Thanks.
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