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Creating a Smoke-Based Explosion in Fume FX

By Vikas Nagolkar
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Date Added: 17th June 2013
Software used:
3ds Max, Misc

General Parameters sub-tab changes (Fig.05):

Spacing: 0.6
Width: 250.0
Length: 250.0
Height: 279.521
Adaptive: On
Sensitivity: Mixed
Threshold: 0.01
Size: 417 x 417 x 466
Simulation up to 3555MB and Render up to 1392MB are my values for final result. You may choose your own desired value. But remember; do not lower your spacing too much.
Total amount of voxels in FFX Container: 81032274.

Fig. 05

Output sub-tab changes:

Start Frame: 0
End Frame: 100
Viewport Update: 1
Exported Channels: Fuel, Smoke (Note that if you want to further this explosion, just add the Velocity Channel in your Output Tab before you simulate your effect.)
Make sure that you set your default path to one folder for caching out the entire simulation.

Playback sub-tab changes:

Play From: 0
Play To: 100
Start Frame: 0
The rest of the settings remain the same.

Now let's look deeper into the Simulation sub-tab. Set the Simulation Sim sub-tab parameters to the following:

Solver: Conjugate Solver
Quality: 9
Maximum Iteration: 200
CFL Condition: 5.0
Maximum Simulation Steps: 1.0
Advection Stride: 0.25 (produces smaller curls)(animated from frame 0 to frame 20)
Time Scale: 0.85 (animated from frame 0 to frame 20)

System sim sub-tab parameters:

Gravity: 0.5 (animated from frame 0 to frame 20)
Vorticity: 1.0
X Turbulence: 0.05 (animated from frame 0 to frame 20)

Turbulence Noise:

Scale: 1.0
Frame: 22.0
Details: 5.0
Offset: 0.0

Blocking Sides system:

X Axis = NONE
Y Axis = NONE
Z Axis = -Z Axis

See Fig.06 for more information.

Fig. 06

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
(ID: 254818, pid: 0) Ninjabdou on Tue, 25 February 2014 12:23pm
There's a problem with the files you provided, it seems that the 2010 file is actually a 2013; max2010 tells me "file save version 15000" :(
(ID: 254810, pid: 0) Ninjabdou on Tue, 25 February 2014 11:46am
Thank you very much for this awesome tutorial
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