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Making Of 'Zenoth, Alien From Jupiter'

By Federico Scarbini
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Date Added: 17th January 2011
Software used:
3ds Max, Photoshop, ZBrush

When the main features were in place, I exported a mid-resmesh that preserved some of the major details and imported it into TopoGun wereI started the retopologising process. TopoGun is in beta testing right now andI am one of the modellers that have been accepted in the beta; I have to saythat I found myself very comfortable using it right from the very beginning. It is very fast, reliable, and it has lots of useful tools that help you in beingmore efficient in the retopologising process. These are tools that I've really missed whilst doing the same thing in ZBrush: bridge, connect, loop-split,relax, and merge, among others (Fig.03 - 04).

Fig. 03
Fig. 04

Once the model was retopologised, with animation and deformation in mind, I exported the new mesh back into ZBrush, and after I subdivided it a few times I re-projected the previously-modelled details onto it. From here on, I focused my attention to finding a balance between details and major volumes (Fig.05 - 06). This is a very important step,since sometimes you can have models with a good amount of details but bad definition of major volumes and vice versa: you have to stay balanced withdetails, never overdo it if you don't feel that you (or, I should say, themodel) really need those details. Good understanding and study of animal and human references is a great way to improve your skills. Carlos Huante, JorduSchell, Steve Wang, and Takayuki Takeya amongst others are great masters to learn from; their designs are awesome from this point of view.

Fig. 05

Fig. 06

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(ID: 72075, pid: 0) McKenzie MacDonald on Mon, 19 December 2011 10:16pm
This is absolutely amazing. Federico Scarbini you are my inspiration. Everything you make is so perfect in my eyes.
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