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Making Of 'Antonio'

By Pablo Vazquez
Web: Open Site
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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Once the whole model and cloth textures were done, it was time to add hair. Won't explain here because the system I used in this guy is not used anymore, it was replaced with a *totally* new system, more info here:

Textures for the horse, bump and colour map, I know they are awful, it was years ago!, oh, and mouse-painted =/


And that's it! for posing the character I needed to do a quick-simple rig for it, which you can see in this YouTube video: (download the video in higher resolution)

Again, nowadays it could be so much easier (and better) to make, in this rig I used Lattices for the cloth, and a couple of hooks (empty) at the bottom for fixing the shape, yes.. I know... it's UGLY!, but well.. it worked! The lighting was a simple cube made of Spot type lamps, using Shadows buffer, and Ambient Occlusion was used (it was kinda new when I made this character so I used it everywhere), now we could use the new great Approximate Ambient Occlusion

which is really fast!

However this character rendered (in higher resolution) in half an hour, on a AMD Duron 750Mhz, 320mb RAM. Well.. that's all folks! I thought adding a couple of .blend files here but this character needs a *lot* of fixing with new versions, since it was made in 2005, hair and rigging didn't survive the time.

Hope you like it!

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(ID: 281249, pid: 0) Al on Mon, 16 June 2014 1:09pm
howdy .... very nice tutorial .. kinda what I need, but not quite ... I am really new to D3 animation. I am wondering if you can assist with giving tutorial on perhaps like creating a simple unicorn with green background ? can we start with perhaps like an image perhaps and go from there so that I can follow with my own image ??? i will really appeciate it if you can. If I manage to get it finished, I will give it a credit link to your website :D thanks before hand kind regards al-lee
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