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Well, I then modeled his pants. I started the model with the legs geometry, then I cut the pants geometry where there was meant to be a seam. To make the pockets and seams,I extruded some of this part to make the volume and then rigged the pants with the Skin Wrap modifier from 3dsmax8. I used the legs geometry as the controller of the pants. The Skin wrap modifier is a skin tool that picks geometry to deform another geometry that is close enough for deforming. It is vertex distance based. It works for several purposes, but here I used it to deform the cloth. Look how the legs are inside the pants. The legs vertex deforms the pants vertex.

The next thing I modeled was the wires hanging all over the place. It was very fast to make them, a couple of days. I used the top/bottom shader from 3dsmax to make the upper part of the cables dirty, as dust deposited.
I created some broken and ripped wires to give it a more chaotic look. I modeled the wires from splines and turned them to geometry later for editing. I did not care about the end tip of the wires, as you can see in the wires, there is no connectors of the wires to the ceiling or walls as I intended not to show them. This saved me some time too.

You will see that I did not care about lot's of thing that were not intended to appear in the final image, I saved a lot of time not doing a complete scene. You can see here the front and left view that I left many parts aside, and concentrated on the things that really matter for the picture and left the things that will not show at the end.

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(ID: 137616, pid: 0) Pank on Wed, 01 August 2012 1:31pm
hey man that's really gr8 3d colossus i had been looking for someone who had made colossus and i find only u who had made it i really appreciate it i am a beginner and i would like to do it when i get to know 3d max better. i really don't know what u have done in it :)
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