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I've made a quick video of the process to this point. You can see it at my YouTube channel:

Now it's time to export your model to 3ds Max, or whatever is your favorite app. If you think that the model is too high poly and Max can't handle it use Decimation Master - it's a plugin to decrease the mesh poly count in ZBrush 3.5R2 and above. The plugin is great and works very smartly; it keeps maximum detail on the mesh, but decreases the polygons. Go to the Zplugin menu and open the Decimation Master tab (Fig.08) Click on Pre-process Current, wait a bit depending on your mesh poly count and then click on Decimate Current. The mesh will then be ready and you can export it from the Tool menu (Fig.08a).

Fig. 08

Fig. 08a

Now we are in 3ds Max. Import the model, wait a bit - it's high poly you know! - and you will see it in viewport (Fig.09). Now I am using the Pro Optimizer tool to make my low poly model, which is available in 3ds Max 2009 via the Creativity Extension. If you don't have the tools or if you are using a different app then you can use the Polygon Cruncher stand alone. You can find a video of how to use it at Eat3d's site: Beside the other great videos that they sell there, there is a free section and you can find the video there.

Fig. 09

Ok, so we are in Max now and your mesh is here. From the drop down menu find the Pro Optimizer (Fig.09a). Click on Calculate and wait. Then enter the amount of vertexes that you want your mesh to be in the Vertex Count field. Something around 700-1000 will be ok. Your end result with Pro Optimizer should look like Fig.09b.

Fig. 09a

Fig. 09b

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