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Rhythm & Hues: A Brief History of Animal CGI

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Date Added: 25th February 2013
rhythm and hues  

See the evolution of CG animals from 1995 to 2012, as done by Rhythm and Hues.

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Munkybutt's Avatar
ClassicGamer-3DT (Forums) on Thu, 28 February 2013 6:12pm
I really hope they can get through this, artists this good need to be respected and appreciated and indeed rewarded much much more than they have recently.
Munkybutt's Avatar
MStandar (Forums) on Thu, 28 February 2013 8:10am
Their earlier works was great, but what they have been doing those last years is just amazing. I hope they can get their situation sorted out. Because it would be sad to see such a talanted studio go away.
Daniel on Tue, 26 February 2013 1:05am
too bad rhythm and hues has declared bankruptcy and arent paying there artist for back pay.
Munkybutt's Avatar
Rocneasta (Forums) on Mon, 25 February 2013 10:58pm
link to my older post, and a reminder of VFX, and Rhythm and Hues faith[URL="http://forums.3dtotal.com/showthread.php?t=114994"][COLOR="DarkGreen"][B]BANCRUPCY[/B][/COLOR][/URL]
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