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Igor Staritsin

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Date Added: 28th August 2012
igor staritsin  

Igor Staritsin has posted a beautiful show reel showcasing his matte painting work.

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Hyuiiods (Forums) on Wed, 05 September 2012 10:43am
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Wissammax on Wed, 29 August 2012 12:56pm
great work .
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Obiwandk (Forums) on Wed, 29 August 2012 11:07am
oh my god great show reel
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Freespace-3DT (Forums) on Wed, 29 August 2012 12:08am
Impressive! Posted on the frontpage.
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Needse (Forums) on Mon, 27 August 2012 7:47pm
what is all this spam
Munkybutt's Avatar
Needse (Forums) on Sun, 26 August 2012 3:19pm
yeah sorry bout that it only one i could find but here's his 2010 reel as well [url]http://vimeo.com/25469626[/url]
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Rocneasta (Forums) on Sun, 26 August 2012 3:14pm
shame for a small res video, nice work from what can be seen
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