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850 Meters - Making Of #4

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Date Added: 15th March 2012
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Operation LOLCat

Operation LOLCat is a short animation by Thuristar, starring Roger Flambe, the first freelance animated actor.

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850 Meters - Making Of #4

Thuristar have released their fourth making of video for their upcoming animated short, 850 Meters.

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850 Meters - Making of #3

THURISTAR have unveiled part three of their making of video diaries for 850 Meters, their upcoming animated short.

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850 Meters Making-Of

Thuristar is releasing monthly, and funny, making-of segments of their short 850 Meters.

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Marvin Washington on Sat, 17 March 2012 4:45pm
This really looks great. Can't wait to see the final product.
Cobacel on Fri, 16 March 2012 10:19am
See ? No matter the tools you use , you can make incredible stuff , blender is the best example , here we have lightwave which is pretty damn good too .
Scott on Thu, 15 March 2012 10:39pm
I find it fascinating when something of this quality is done with one of the less used tools of the trade.
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