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Bunkspeed Pro 2014 Review

By Craig A Clark

Web: http://www.bunkspeed.com (will open in new window)

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Date Added: 9th August 2013

Bunkspeed Pro 2014 introduces new rendering power, materials and simpler workflow. Craig Clark puts it to the test in this software review!

Product: Bunkspeed Pro Suite 2014

Company: Bunkspeed

Website: www.bunkspeed.com

Key features:

• Latest version of NVIDIA iray render
• Fast blending between fast preview and final rendering
• Rapid workflow featuring drag-and-drop throughout
• Fully customisable interface per user and restricted distributable layouts
• Material library that adheres to true physics, including new subsurface scatter, back scatter, thin film and enhanced metallic paint materials
• Option to use CPU, GPU or Hybrid CPU+GPU
• Turntable, panoramic, and VR rendering

Review score: 4/5

Release date: August 2013

Price: Learning edition: $3,495.00 US

Education license: $95 US for Bunkspeed SHOT EDU Edition.

Visit www.bunkspeed.com/shop/education for more info

System requirements:

• Dual-Core CPU (Minimum)
• 4GB System Ram (Minimum)
• Cuda 5 compliant display card (an NVIDIA K500 graphics card was used for this review)
• 1GB disk space


The interface in Easy mode is very much like the old Hypershot layout - it's much nicer for the creative aspects, such as setting up camera shots etc


Bunkspeed has been around for quite a while now - indeed, longer than some people may be aware of. Basically, things changed back in the Hypershot days, and when Hypershot came to an end it created somewhat of a fork in the road. From that fork, Bunkspeed emerged. Evolving from Bunkspeed SHOT, things have come a long way to the Bunkspeed 2014 PRO Suite I'm trying out today!

For anyone that is unfamiliar with Bunkspeed and its products, they are essentially all about speed. We all need to get things done quickly, and no matter how big and beastly our workstations are, even if they had one million cores they still wouldn't be fast enough for the work we need to get through on a daily basis! Well, the good folks at Bunkspeed continue to help us out by making software that does things faster than we ever expect it should.

Anyone who liked the simplicity of the Hypershot interface of old will like the new Easy interface mode


In the Bunkspeed PRO 2014 Suite, speed is tackled primarily with the latest version of NVIDIA's iray renderer. One of the biggest user changes is the new Fast mode. In this mode you can see at least 4-times the speed of the accurate mode (for some scenes up to a 50-times speed increase!). It's been optimized to provide excellent performance on single GPU systems. This isn't always the best option for every scene, but it undoubtedly gives a great boost to less powerful systems. When you actually watch it in action it gradually layers in different aspects of a scene, such as reflections, shadows, refractions and so on.

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