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Top Tech: 10 of the coolest gadgets from CES

By Henry Winchester

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Date Added: 16th January 2014
164_tid_4 chefjet.jpg

2014 is shaping up to be a great year, judging by the sheer variety of tech on display at CES in Las Vegas this month! We check out some of the top tech in this special feature.


Apparently January is the most depressing month of the year – but not for us. The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas brings tears of joy to every journalist's miserable face. This year's took place last week, and there were some truly awesome pieces of technology available to behold – and poke, prod and play with.

We've rounded up our favourite gadgets and gizmos from the show, and among them you'll find Makerbot's brand new home 3D printer, Asus' Wacom-endorsed tablet, and the Occipital's potentially revolutionary 3D object scanner. Every single thing on this list should be available by the end of the year – but we want them all right now!

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1. MakerBot Replicator Mini

164_tid_1 makerbot.jpg
© Makerbot

MakerBot has rightfully become the king of 3D printers thanks to its combination of rock-solid hardware with easy-to-use software. At CES it unveiled 3 new printers, but the most interesting is the Replicator Mini, a consumer-level device which doesn't take up too much room and even allows you to print 3D files from the cloud. It's set for release in spring this year, with a very reasonable $1,375 (£838) price tag.

2. Asus VivoTab Note 8

164_tid_2 asus.jpg
© Asus

Asus' Windows 8 tablet ups the ante by including a professional Wacom stylus with over 1,000 levels of pressure sensitivity – perfect for creating 3D art while you're out and about. It also boasts SonicMaster audio technology so you can listen to tunes while you're working, and a quad-core Intel Atom processor so it should keep up with high-end apps.

3. Just Mobile Alupen Digital

164_tid_3 alupen.jpg
© Just Mobile

Of course, if you've already got an iPad or Android tablet you probably won't feel the need to invest in yet another one. Just Mobile's Alupen stylus includes a fine tip for pinpoint creativity, but it's battery-powered to mimic a really tiny finger. Best of all is the price – it's just $49.95 (£30).

4. ChefJet

164_tid_4 chefjet.jpg
© 3D Systems

We love the idea of being able to eat our 3D creations, and 3D Systems' ChefJet allows us to do just that. The sub-$5,000 printer prints edible objects using sugar as a medium, so your cakes and desserts can take on a whole new level of deliciousness. Obviously it's a little niche, but we're sure there's a business just waiting to be started here.

5. Occipital Structure Sensor

164_tid_5 occipital.jpg

This unique little gizmo sits on the back of your iPad and turns the world around you into a 3D model, which you can then manipulate and even print. It's a bit rough around the edges at the moment, but with a little polishing this $349 (£213) gadget could become an essential weapon in any 3D artists' arsenal.

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