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20 of the best unusual and quirky images!

By 3DTotal Staff

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Date Added: 17th December 2013

11. Power Plant. A world where plants produce power – these harvesters are moving in to feed!

152_tid_11. Power Plant by Rohan Dalvi.jpg
© Rohan Dalvi

12. Shoker. Great, heavily detailed steampunk-inspired image from Aleksandr

152_tid_12. Shoker by Aleksandr.jpg
© Aleksandr

13. Tree branches. Artistic work in these tentacle-like tree-branch... things. Another 5-star favorite

152_tid_13. Tree branches by Tomasz Strzalkowski.jpg
© Tomasz Strzalkowski

14. PROTOtype. A nicely detailed scene here of a workstation and train

152_tid_14. PROTOtype by Denis Tolkishevsky.jpg
© Denis Tolkishevsky

15. Mickey Mouse's Workshop. Fun render from Max Uzkikh – Mickey modeling Walt!

152_tid_15. Mickey Mouses Workshop by Max Uzkikh.jpg
© Max Uzkikh

16. Mushroom Hunter. Lovely soft detailing and great expressions for this pair of mushroom hunters

152_tid_16. Mushroom Hunter by Carlson Woon.jpg
© Carlson Woon

17. Running Away. Quirky image from Toni Bratincevic – Superman needs saving!

152_tid_17. Running Away by Toni Bratincevic.jpg
© Toni Bratincevic

18. Are you sure... Another quirky image – a shy-looking caterpillar perhaps too scared to make the change?

152_tid_18. Are you sure that it will be the after life by Igor Kudryavtsev.jpg
© Igor Kudryavtsev

19. Bostik. So this is what those street artists get up to in their downtime!

152_tid_19. Bostik by Carioca Studio.jpg
© Carioca Studio

20. SeaWeed Bird Man. Fun felt bird man to finish us off – click through the image to find a short animation of him in action!

152_tid_20. SeaWeed Bird Man by Preston Platt.jpg
© Preston Platt

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
(ID: 239829, pid: 0) Preston Platt on Wed, 18 December 2013 12:43am
Incredibly honored to see my work at the end here. Keep up these awesome posts I love going through them!
(ID: 239755, pid: 0) Akshay on Tue, 17 December 2013 4:49pm
awsm work man grt job
(ID: 239743, pid: 0) Wan on Tue, 17 December 2013 4:07pm
awesome works! especially like the owls!
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