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20 of the best unusual and quirky images!

By 3DTotal Staff

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Date Added: 17th December 2013
152_tid_10. Full Power.jpg

Looking for that 'lightbulb' moment? Check out these 20 of the most highly-rated images we thought were inspiring but might need categories all of their own!

We love images that are a little different and where the personality or creativity of the artist really shines through. Some of the images here could be hard to categorize so we put them together as we thought they were deserving of praise.

Hopefully these quirky pieces will inspire you to delve into the brightest, most colorful parts of your imagination.

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1. Lomo Owl. With over 120 votes, this much-loved image is a site favorite!

152_tid_1. Lomo Owl by Carlson Woon.jpg
© Carlson Woon

2. Crazy. A quirky robot in a world dominated by machines – this one's a bit of a vandal!

152_tid_2. Crazy by ddjimenez.jpg
© ddjimenez

3. Lobit. A cool super-8 camera robot loved by the site – click the image for the tutorial!

152_tid_3. Lobit by farins.jpg
© Andrea Lazzarotti

4. Telsa. A fun homage to Nikola Tesla by Toni Bratincevic

152_tid_4. Tesla by Toni Bratincevic.jpg
© Toni Bratincevic

5. Centaur. A great looking Maya and V-Ray render of a centaur!

152_tid_5. Centaur by Igor Kudryavtsev.jpg
© Igor Kudryavtsev

6. Tequila. The site's favorite armadillo! 5 stars for this inebriated friend

152_tid_6. Tequila Tatu by Jose Alves da Silva.jpg
© Jose Alves da Silva

7. Level 10. The joy of getting to the next level encapsulated in this great piece

152_tid_7. Level 10 by Toni Bratincevic.jpg
© Toni Bratincevic

8. Venom. This be a Murloc creature from World of Warcraft – imaginatively rendered by tes

152_tid_8. Venom Hunter by tes.jpg
© tes

9. King Kittan. The manga robot, King Kittan, won't be held for long!

152_tid_9. King Kittan the Great by Teoh Wei Liat.jpg
© TeohWeiLiat

10. Full Power. Talk about having that 'lightbulb' moment – looks about ready to explode!

152_tid_10. Full Power.jpg
© farins

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(ID: 239829, pid: 0) Preston Platt on Wed, 18 December 2013 12:43am
Incredibly honored to see my work at the end here. Keep up these awesome posts I love going through them!
(ID: 239755, pid: 0) Akshay on Tue, 17 December 2013 4:49pm
awsm work man grt job
(ID: 239743, pid: 0) Wan on Tue, 17 December 2013 4:07pm
awesome works! especially like the owls!
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