The 3dtotal Gallery Awards

Chihuahua Tough by Rudy Massar

Character Trophy
Author: Rudy Massar
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Chihuahua Tough by Rudy Massar

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Throughout each month, the public will vote to decide who from the 3dtotal galleries will be the winner of a fantastic resin trophy, as pictured here. This stunning resin model has been sculpted by one of 3dtotal's featured gallery artists, Rudy Massar. There will be one winner every month - if you're the lucky artist with the most votes at the end of the month, you'll be contacted shortly after the voting is complete, and your trophy will be shipped to you for free!*


How does it work?

When a new image goes up on, it'll have 7 days to gather as many votes** as possible from the public. Images will win points for the stars that it collects, as follows:

  • rating star full = 1 point
  • rating star full rating star full = 2 point
  • rating star full rating star full rating star full = 3point
  • rating star full rating star full rating star full rating star full = 6 points
  • rating star full rating star full rating star full rating star full rating star full = 10 points

Images will be collated into monthly categories (see below), starting from 1 February 2014. Throughout each month, our clever voting system will count all the votes received by images - remember, only the first 7 days of votes count! - and shortly after the end of the month, the winners will be contacted with the good news!


Please vote for your favourite image!

Here are the images currently in the running...

Just after the rain by Florestan Schuberth

Score: 164
Just after the rain
Author: Florestan Schuberth
Published: 2015-10-02
Cat: scenes

Barbarian Woman by Reza Abedi

Score: 897
Barbarian Woman
Author: Reza Abedi
Published: 2015-10-03
Cat: fantasy

Red Twins by ricardo jose clemente manso

Score: 277
Red Twins
Author: ricardo jose clemente manso
Published: 2015-10-03
Cat: cartoon

f1 is passion by Rohit Kumar

Score: 192
f1 is passion
Author: Rohit Kumar
Published: 2015-10-04
Cat: scenes

Lauren by Christian Peck

Score: 413
Author: Christian Peck
Published: 2015-10-04
Cat: character

monster by funky boy

Score: 145
Author: funky boy
Published: 2015-10-05
Cat: sci-fi

King tryndam by sherif Amer

Score: 226
King tryndam
Author: sherif Amer
Published: 2015-10-05
Cat: fantasy

Wyld Rabbits by Vilson Martins

Score: 132
Wyld Rabbits
Author: Vilson Martins
Published: 2015-10-06
Cat: cartoon

Green Restaurant by jaspreet singh

Score: 109
Green Restaurant
Author: jaspreet singh
Published: 2015-10-06
Cat: scenes

Pirate LP by Dominik Wasienko

Score: 99
Pirate LP
Author: Dominik Wasienko
Published: 2015-10-07
Cat: character

Commander Kuro by Nicolas Brunet

Score: 181
Commander Kuro
Author: Nicolas Brunet
Published: 2015-10-07
Cat: sci-fi

Taopaipai by Alexandre Fiolka

Score: 53
Author: Alexandre Fiolka
Published: 2015-10-08
Cat: cartoon

Chameleon by Jonathan Vardstedt

Score: 214
Author: Jonathan Vardstedt
Published: 2015-10-08
Cat: scenes

Ganondorf by Christopher Chuipka

Score: 209
Author: Christopher Chuipka
Published: 2015-10-09
Cat: fantasy


*Please note that these resin models will be shipped free by standard mail in the UK and internationally. We cannot replace any lost shipments. If winners would like to have their trophy sent by tracked mail, please contact [email protected] for quotes, as the extra cost will need to be covered by the winner.
**Please note that to avoid repeated votes, our voting system allows only 1 vote per IP address. This is to prevent any attempts to force certain images into the lead. Our voting system calculates and refreshes the total number of points above on an hourly basis.