The Red Carpet Room

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Date Added: 30th April 2011
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A remake of an old work space, revisited with a new function and new design.
I tried to reproduce a space with an hard contrast from the white of the room and the RED of most furniture expecially the carpet.(patchwerk Kilim)
All the furniture and other object are build, not comes from specific libraries, except for the ERCO spotlight (downloaded from ERCO official site).
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Readers Comments
Eydi (Forums)
Eydi (Forums) on Thu, 09 June 2011 3:13pm
I like render. Colors are great..white and red colors are so well-matched.
ALEX on Wed, 08 June 2011 11:30am
The lighting is not vivid...not crisp...poor lighting details. The red sofa to the right should have traces of light rays coming from the window.
William Cameron (Forums)
William Cameron (Forums) on Wed, 04 May 2011 6:05am
Great render!Really like the red on white contrasting colours,nice layout and sense of depth
Berta (Forums) on Tue, 03 May 2011 12:44pm
Thanks to all,The Red Paint on the Back is not a paint is a Photo, you find lot of that free on google, is a entrance corridor of temple in Japan.About the floor, is a texture that I shoted in my city, is an old Travertino floor.I used 3ds Max and Vray, the floor was made using the script Floorgenerator from CGsource ([url][/url]) greatest script.and using the Multimaterial always from CGsource.
Big Daddy Fraze on Mon, 02 May 2011 2:49pm
Wow, excellent work on everything, especially on the lighting.
Fahim on Sat, 30 April 2011 2:58pm
Wonderful render and amazing space. I would really like to know where you got the floor marble texture from and what settings you used for it? Was this 3ds max and vray?


Thank you
Michael Morales on Sat, 30 April 2011 2:14am
Very nice picture! Where can I find the red painting? ..or what is that painting called?
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The Red Carpet Room by Andrea Bertaccini 1333px X 1600px