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Date Added: 2nd November 2006
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This is Rusty, a rooster. He is a very confident and intelligent Rooster. Here we see him in a picture taken on top of a new barn. He was transfered there for some weeks to teach Mike, his new apprentice, how to be a real rooster. He sent this picture to his dear Loretta, who will wait for his return.

Rusty is a very good rooster, but he has a little issue: he wants to be a movie star. So, as you can see, he even signs the picture he sends to Loretta! The poor Mike had to take it several times, until he was able to capture Rusty in his best angle

He wrote some words on the back of the picture to Loretta. If you wish, I can show it to you before sending it to her. Don't worry, Rusty would not bother: he loves attention!

Oh, and don't tell Loretta I sneaked into the mail, I'm just the bird that carries the mail!...what, my name?Oh, I'm sure Cesar will share with you later on who am I.

I made everything from sketch, story, design, creation, etc. Modeled in Lightwave, rendered in fprime. 3 lights used, no use of HDRI

This is the second character from a whole story I made. The story is about a barn full of animals with dreams and hopes in life. In this story, the characters learn with the arrival of Mike, the protagonist, about the importance of dreams.
Rusty is a side character. He will be Mike's master. In this journey, Rusty will learn that to make his dreams come true, he has to believe and learn from others, and not only in himself. Only by doing so, he will make his and other's dreams come true.
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