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Write us a Tutorial!
Have you written a tutorial or would you like to create one for us? We do give rewards to make it worth your while and you will get exposure to tens of thousands and help the community at the same time!
Write into Lynette Clee - Content Manager here at 3dtotal with your idea/subject for a tutorial and she will give you full details

  • "What is gMill?" by Isham Padron
    What is gMil? gMil is a surface shader for LW that simulates radiosity. After hearing about gMil in the LW7.x feature
    list I've wondered what use can it give me. This paper shows some of my trial and errors to test the use of this
    surface shader. This paper also has a collection of thoughts and insight of other people using gMil . . .

    "Modelling a World of Warcraft Orc" by Eric Williams
    Welcome to my first tutorial. You see what we'll be working on right above. The low poly model should come out
    to about 800 triangles . . .

    "The Making of Seth" by Dave Wilson
    Seth started a while ago with some sketches. I don't normally spend too much time in the design phase, I normally
    have most of it in place in my head and just draw it out to see if what I envision in my head is gonna look remotely
    cool in the end . . .

    "The Making of the SimTech MTS.Arach" by Dave Wilson

    Ok well I was quite pleased when I heard I was going to get to build this little guy for the new Wicked Pixels shortfilm that will be released by the end of the year. He's based on a real spider, but of course I have taken
    lots of creative license making him nice and cool and techy looking. So here you go, here's his making of . . .

    "The Street Racer" by Kenji Gozum
    This tutorial explains how to texture a Nissan Skyline using the new Total Textures V8 Vehicles CD.

    "Making of: The Diner" by Jason Lee
    In this tutorial i will give a basic overview on how i made the image "Diner". We will start the journey with modeling, then texturing, and finally i will explain the lighting setup. Lets begin! . . .