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  • INTERVIEW 21/10/2016

    Polish 3D modeler Dawid Cencora talks about creating overweight superheroes using ZBrush, and shares work from his portfolio...

    FREE TUTORIAL 20/10/2016

    In part two of the Know the Basics: Maya 2017 series, Paul Hatton explores the viewports and navigation...

    TOP TIPS 20/10/2016

    Gina Nelson and Daniel Bloecher share some top Photoshop tips, while Andrei Lazar shares a video tutorial for dealing with V-Ray's lightmeter...

    INTERVIEW 19/10/2016

    3D artist and student Piotr Bieryt shares some work from his portfolio, and reveals his Blender methods for his recent gallery entry "IS-2 1944 Heavy Tank"...

    FREE TUTORIAL 19/10/2016

    Check out Rob Redman's 19-part video tutorial series for the free game creation software, Unreal Engine - helping you create a level from start to finish...

  • SHOP OFFER 19/10/2016

    Halloween price slash! Practice creating your own creepy characters with spooky savings on selected products...

    INTERVIEW 18/10/2016

    Versatile freelance 3D artist, Daniel Bloecher, shares some portfolio work and discusses his working preferences...

    FEATURE 17/10/2016

    Learn valuable career advice from 3D sculptor and trainer Glen Southern

    COMPETITION 14/10/2016

    Check out September's top gallery picks, including Mohammed Hoque's "Warground" and Ray Thuc Le's "Re-imagined Ellie"...

    FREE TUTORIAL 13/10/2016

    Just learning Maya 2017? Acquire a better knowledge of the basics with Paul Hatton. In part one, get to grips with the interface...

  • INTERVIEW 13/10/2016

    Look dev and texture artist Vincent Tonelli discusses his latest gallery entries created with Maya, and his inspirations and plans for the future...

    FREE TUTORIAL 12/10/2016

    Character artist Pierre Rogers shares the process behind his stylized sci-fi duo "Foxer and Sidekat", using beginner-friendly ZBrush tools...

    FEATURE 11/10/2016

    Justin Goby Fields, founder of Ironklad Studios, offers some of the wisdom he's learned on the road to concept art success...

    INTERVIEW 11/10/2016

    We spoke to Elijah McNeal about his inspiration and career…

    NEW TITLE! 11/10/2016

    Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 8 is now on sale in the 3dtotal shop! Improve your workflow by learning other artists’ methods for narrative art, matte painting, and more!

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

21st October 2016

Framestore have released a trailer for Somnia.

19th October 2016

Borrowed Time is a short in which a weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget.

19th October 2016

Check out the animation reel of Svein Ferkingstad, featuring work on several feature films.

18th October 2016

A new trailer has been released for Underworld: Blood Wars.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

20th October 2016

A settlement has been reached between a group of animation workers and DreamWorks Animation in a class action lawsuit.

19th October 2016

Cedric Seaut shares his character look-dev workflow within Substance Painter.

19th October 2016

Seth Nash has posted this Marvelous Designer tutorial focusing on the creation of hockey shorts.

18th October 2016

Here is Pixologic's presentation of ZBrushCore.

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